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Intentional Grounding - Graphic
New Series: Intentional Grounding

This new series is driven by one question: “What should everyone understand in order to become and be a mature believer?” Everyone should understand some basics, some fundamental truths about God.
The title of this series is “Intentional Grounding”. Since it is football season, we thought we would use some terminology most football fans would understand. For the rest of you who are not football fans, let me explain. In football, if the quarterback drops back to throw a pass and he purposely throws it to no one, the referee throws a flag and penalizes the quarterback for “Intentional Grounding”.
In football, that is bad. It’s a ten yard penalty and loss of down. But the Intentional Grounding we have planned for you over the next few weeks is good. We are trying to intentionally ground you in some basic doctrines from the Word of God. In other words, we are going to purposely teach you some of the most fundamental, basic, Biblical beliefs about God, and His Word.

At Bible Baptist Church, you will find a loving church family that is concerned about you and your families' relationship with God. You will find a place of acceptance, a place to be loved, and most of all, a place to worship the Savior. It truly is a unique experience with God and His people.

On behalf of our entire church family we want you to know that we are dedicated to meeting the needs of people wherever they are in life. It is the simple purpose of our site to introduce you to those areas of our ministry which are relevant to your life at this time.

While we have worked hard to give you a glimpse of our ministry, the best way to discover the heart of a church family is by spending time with its people. Once you do this, we are convinced that you will find everything that you are looking for and much, much more. God is doing some very exciting things in the hearts and lives of the people who call Bible Baptist their church home. So, "discover the excitement" yourself! Who knows... it could change your life!

Pastor William
Senior Pastor
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The Bible Baptist Church is an evangelical, English-speaking church serving the International community in the greater Frankfurt, Darmstadt and Seeheim/Bensheim areas. We serve long-term residents of the area while providing a “home away from home” for those coming to Frankfurt/Darmstadt area for a shorter period of time. We enjoy the diversity of the many different nationalities, denominations and traditions represented in our fellowship.

Based in Darmstadt right next to the Main Train Station (Hauptbahnhof), BBC was started to provide a place of understanding, hope and renewal in a swiftly changing and uncertain world. We work together to experience and share the benefits of the Christian faith with others. And we invite you to discover the acceptance, hope and renewal that we have found in Jesus Christ.
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