37-year-old woman from South Africa gave birth to ten children at once.

Goshiame was delivered on June 7, at the 29th week of pregnancy. Children – seven boys and three girls – she gave birth to by caesarean section. In addition, six years ago, Goshiame had two twins. First, the doctors told the woman that she would have six children, and then, when they re-examined, they found eight fetuses. Two more could not be seen because they were in a different fallopian tube.

“I could not believe it. I felt like a God-chosen child, – said Goshiama’s husband, Tebono Tsotetsi, in an interview with reporters before giving birth. “I was blessed with such happiness, while many other people still do not have children.” He also added that the pregnancy was difficult for his wife: after eight weeks, she began to have pain in her legs, and then a burning pain in her heart.

Medic Dini Mavela, speaking to Pretoria News, suggested that Goshiame may have resorted to hormonal drugs or other forms of fertility treatment – although she did not reject natural conception.“The situation is extremely unique. I don’t know how often this happens. Such a pregnancy carries a lot of risks . For example, since there is not enough space in the womb for all children, they can grow small, ”explains the expert.

She adds that Goshiame’s newborn babies will have to spend the next few months in an incubator for observation, as they were born prematurely. Goshiame seems to hold the record for the most children born at once. This number of newborns has not yet been recorded. In May 2021, we reported on a 25-year-old Mali woman, Halima Cisse, who gave birth to nine children at one time in a Moroccan clinic.


In general, history recorded two cases of the birth of nine children at a time: in 1971 in Australia and in 1999 in Malaysia. But no child lived longer than a few days. The official record is held by the American Nadia Suleman, who in 2009 gave birth to eight children at once.

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