Polish Rapunzel: 34-year-old girl has not cut her hair since childhood, now her hair is longer than her height

Malgorzata Kulczyk is 34 years old, originally a girl from Poland, and currently studying in London at the Faculty of Informatics. But Malgorzata boasts not only good knowledge but also a chic head of hair, which she has been growing since childhood.

The beauty never cut her hair, only trimmed the ends, and that was about five years ago. At the moment, the length of her hair is 158 cm, which is already 3 cm more than her height. Of course, her luxurious hair more than once aroused a feeling of envy among other women, her colleague insisted that Małgorzata cut off her braid, and as a result, now she grows her hair herself. And men, in turn, are completely thrilled by this beauty.

Rapunzel washes her chic curls once a week and makes herself a variety of hairstyles. And for more interesting and spectacular photos, she uses them instead of a scarf. Nature endowed the girl with blond hair, but she independently prepares an oil-based serum, which gives her curls a beautiful shade.




Malgorzata advises everyone who would like to grow beautiful and long hair for themselves to be patient and be sure to monitor their health because this is the main factor in healthy hair.

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