This baby was born with a snow-white strand of hair. She surprised everyone except her mother…

This little beauty is called Millie Anna Worthy, when she was born, she surprised the doctors very much. The fact is that she was born with dark and thick hair, but with absolutely snow-white bangs. But the most interesting thing is that her mother and even her grandmother have such a feature.

Even when Brianna was pregnant, she dreamed that her daughter would inherit the same interesting feature. It is worth noting that this is a genetic deviation, poliosis, it affects the production of pigment on human hair and skin.

It so happened that the sister of the girl’s mother does not have this, so Brianna did not fully know what kind of baby her baby would be born.

It happens, of course, that others do ask not entirely correct questions about the girl’s appearance.

But Brianna believes that in the future, Millie Anna will accept and love herself, and in no case will not be complex.

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